+++  March 2012: PMD Films' eMANcipation wins 'Best Dramatic Film' at the IFS Film Festival in Hollywood and is official selection of the Bare Bones Film Festival in Oklahoma and the 60° N Film Festival in Os, Noway+++

+++  February 2012: eMANNzipation wins the''Winter Film Award ' for best foreign film. The 'Winter Film Award' for best actor goes to Urs Stämpfli for his role as Dominik. +++

+++ February 2012: eMANcipation is 'official selection of the IFS Film Festival in Hollywood, the  'Boston International Film Festival' and the 'Palm Beach International Film Festival' in Florida, USA. +++

+++ January 2012: eMANNzipation is the 'official selection of the 'Winter Film Awards' in New York City, USA. +++

+++  December  2011: eMANNzipation wins the 'Bronze Bulb Award for excellence in independent filmmaking' at the Vegas Independent Film Festival +++

+++ October 2011: eMANNzipation s shown at the Kansas International Film Festival and wins the Audience Award' +++

+++ August 2011: emannzipation-film.de is now online.+++

+++ July 2011  "eMANcipation" is shown at the Los Angeles Arthouse Film Festival and  wins the 'Honorable Mention' Award.+++

+++  June 2011:"eMANNzipation" is done. Screeners are sent to the first festivals. +++

+++ April 2011: Grading of  "eMANcipation" at ARRI-Schwarzfilm. +++

+++ March 2011: a team of six compositorn und rotoscopeartists are working on "eMANNzipation" +++

+++ February 2011: Philipp Paul Klose & Marius Lex work on the Sound Editing and the Mix.+++

+++ January 2011:  "eMANNzipation" Picture Lock. Building the score with Daniell Berding, Sascha Blank and Philipp Müller-Dorn.+++

+++ November 2010: The assembly cut of  "eMANNzipation" is done.+++

+++ September 2010: post-produktion of  "eMANNzipation"  has begun.+++

+++ August 28th 2010: wrap party in Pichelsberg, drinks and food and fun and music+++

+++ August 27th 2010: last day of shooting for "eMANNzipation"  +++

+++ August 9th to 12th 2010: shooting in Guxhagen, Northern Hessia +++

+++ July 12th 2010: first day of shooting ++++

+++ Juliy2010: rehearals with the actors+++

+++ Juni 2010: the Cast is complete: Urs Stämpfli as Dominik + Michael Schwager as Holger + Peer Hauck as Lukas + Vivian Kanner as Miss Fottener +++

+++ June 2010:  The "eMANNzipation" Crew is becoming complete: Mathias Geck - DP, Liesa Rademacher - Assistant Director, Linda Tiebel & Agnes Claude - Costumes, Franziska Kendzia & Diana Schumann - Set Design & Props, Paul Korn - Best Boy, Felix Schneider - Sound Recorder, Johannes Schmidt - Boom Guy,  Sabine Brinker - PR  +++

+++ June 2010: PMD Films finds a great partner and supporter in Cinegate Berlin +++ location scouting in Northern Hessia+++

+++ May 2010:  unexpected events set the production back -postponing the first day of shooting to July 2010.+++

+++ May 2010:  getting the crew together: Sven Arnold - Unit Production Manager, Endres Löber - Still Photographer, Josh Bremer - Production Assistent+++

+++ May 2010:  +++ Crew Party  +++                    

+++ April 2010: most of the major parts are cast: + Frances Heller as Angela. + Anna Görgen as Belinda, + Hans-Ulrich Laux as Horst,         +Jan-Marc Kochmann as Andreas,  + Maurice Ittershagen as Sven sowie + Sandy Klein as Denise. +++

+++ April 2010:  the search is on for the right DP +++

+++ March  2010: the most important locations for shooting 'eMANNzipation' are found and secured+++

+++ February 2010: Julien Falkenstein is the production manager  for the film "emancipation" +++

+++ February 2010: Nicolas Varela - AC . Daniela Gast - Set Design +++

+++ January 2010: The Casting has begun.  +++

+++ December 2009: Felix Held starts as coordinator of the Sound Department of the "emancipation" production.+++ +++

+++ November 2009:   Dana Cebulla (Tigercast, Köln) is in charge of casting for "emancipation" joined by Annett Müller-Dorn.  +++

+++  August  2009:  PMD Films starts pre-production of  "emancipation".+++

  +++ June 2009: Completion of the third and final Draft of the marital drama "emancipation" by Philipp Müller-Dorn. +++

+++  December 2008: Completion of the first Draft "emancipation" written by Philipp Müller-Dorn.+++

+++ May 2008:    PMD Films discontinues the cooperation with CH Media. The  Charlottenburg Cuisine production is shelved indefinitely.

+++ November 2007 Charlottenburg Cuisine starts the series "Shush Cooking". Instructional cooking-videos - with any dialogues or monologues.+++

+++ June 2007: "Charlottenburg Cuisine" turns bilingual - is produced in english as well as german. ++++

+++  May 2007: Launch of "Charlottenburg Cuisine" Website: www.cuisine.de.md +++++

"Charlottenburg Cuisine" is a new and unorthodox Cooking-Show brought to you from the heart of Charlottenburg. When it comes to cooking the most important thing for CC is fun and a wholesome natural taste. Meals are prepared with few but good and well selected ingredients.  Just keep it simple.

+++ April 2007: Launch of "Charlottenburg Cuisine" a new englishspoken Web-TV Format +++





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