Kissing the Muse is a colorful fairytale set in New York City in the early nineties. Al, a successful young professional, believes that art and creation is merely a matter of goal setting and willpower. He argues this point with his best friend Tim (an artist), who assures him it is not as easy as he thinks. Placing all that he owns at stake, Al enters into a bet that he can write an entire novel in 30 days. And not just any novel - a novel which will move people like no other novel before.

Al rearranges his life, preparing to magically transform into the writer he always believed he could be. But things do not turn out quite as he expected. He finds himself confronted with writer’s block, bad Chinese food and daytime television. His girlfriend makes a brief appearance, looking for the ‘Old Al’, and leaves, having found him in the plastic form of an Amex card. He is unable to find his inspiration, as the day of judgement creeps nearer and nearer.

Fearing he will lose his house, his job, and most importantly, his self respect, he not know where to turn. He falls on his knees and prays for help, which, to his great surprise, quickly arrives in the shape of the most beautiful woman ever seen in a tacky golden dress: The Muse. Powerbroker that AL is, he takes the action to force inspiration and kisses the Muse.  Sparks fly and the Muse puts Al in his place: on the floor. "No Al, that’s not how it works. You have to wait for me to kiss you. Remember, creation cannot be rushed and art cannot be pressured !" muses the Goddess as she disappears, leaving Al with no novel, no inspiration and a lost bet.

But something has changed with Al. Perhaps, he is in love? It must be something like that, because suddenly, he no longer minds about the bet, and he has this crazy idea to drop everything and become a writer. Perhaps he will write that novel yet.

'Kissing the Muse'-Facts:


Shot in 1995 on 16mm Kodak  Color-Negative-Film.

Running time 20 Minuten.

Starring: Alexa Eldred as the Muse, Philipp Müller-Dorn as Al,

Dan Kinsella as Tim,

Sara Knight as Jamie.


Written and directed by

Philipp Müller-Dorn

Kissing  the Muse





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      Kissing the Muse





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