'Between Your Legs''-Facts:

Shot in 1998 on 16mm Kodak-Vision Color-Negativ-Film. Running time 109 Minutesn. Starring:  Andy Haueter as Seth, Roxanne Doyle as Jill, Robert Perillo as Mr. Conelli, Chris Livsey as Tony, Alithea Hages asJackie, Pete Ostella as the "Subway Strangler".


'Between your legs' is Philipp Müller-Dorn graduation film at the New York Film Academy-




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    Fools Paradise


 Between your Legs

      Kissing the Muse



 "Between Your Legs"  is a comedic thriller with a dark side, a steamy tale of passion, murder and real estate.

It is a story about the extreme measures one couple take in their quest for the legendary 212 area code. 

 This film will have you in stitches, as it explores the enigma of modern life in the city, the pitfalls of consumer culture, and the absurd desperation of those who strive to become "Real New Yorkers". 

This  feature length film, was produced at the 'New York Film Academy' and completed in January 1999.  It was shown in selected theatres in the U.S. and in Germany . 

Written and directed by Philipp Müller-Dorn